Twitter chats

Thursday March 4, 2021
6 pm Pacific / 7 pm Mountain / 8 pm Central / 9 pm Eastern

Discussion questions:

  • Q1. How are you doing, a year out?
  • Q2. How has mental illness affected your pandemic experience? (Whether your own or your community as a whole.)
  • Q3. What kind of resources would be helpful for you? (Dream big or small!)
  • Q4. Where are you finding joy these days?
  • Q5. What will you be doing differently to take care of yourself in the future? What skills have proven most sturdy?

Please use the #LISMentalHealth hashtag for each answer.

Only answer questions you are comfortable answering! Take care of yourself, first and foremost.

Anonymous posting is available during the chat via the form at; those tweets will be posted to the @LISMH_anon account.